CBS Poll: 80% of Americans Unhappy with Washington

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CBS reports 80% of Americans are unhappy with Washington, and 30% are “angry” at the nation’s politicians. As usual, the outfit can’t help but slant the findings to suit the statist political agenda.

The key findings from the poll:

  • 50% of the country is dissatisfied with Washington D.C.’s performance, and 30% are now “angry” — up 9 points since December 2012.
  • Those who say the U.S. is heading in the right direction is down 8 points to 32% in just one month. Wrong track polling is up to 64% from 51% over that time frame.
  • Most Americans are opposed to cutting defense (58%), Social Security (79%) and Medicare (80%).
  • Many believe cutting the deficit would be healthy for the economy (42%), but others are unsure of any economic benefit (39%). (This shows the issue needs to be clarified in the public conversation.)
  • Support for stricter gun control is down to 57% from 47% since December 2012. Universal background checks polls very strongly (90%), possibly because the term is vague and needs to be clarified. Banning semi-automatic rifles (which includes hunting rifles) sees a split of 49-49.
  • President Obama’s approval rating is down to 45% and his polling on most issues (including the economy) are down almost across the board from last month.

CBS News interjects some assumptions that are unnecessary to conduct the poll, such as ‘gridlock’ being something Americans don’t want. While it is true that most Americans want the basic business of government conducted efficiently, they don’t necessarily want any political agenda — right or left — imposed on them.

It is safe to assume that many people want to work, lead their lives, and be happy without government interference. Not everyone wants Washington politicians doing something grand all the time.

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