Pew Study: MSNBC is a Left-Wing Opinion-Mill, Fox News Far More Balanced in Reportage

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It is common wisdom that Fox News is a right-leaning outlet and MSNBC is a left-leaning outfit. But what isn’t acknowledged is that Fox is far more interested in reporting than MSNBC.

Such is the finding of a Pew study, which found that CNN is more reportage-driven than either (although Fox is far more comparable than MSNBC). The NBC affiliate is in left-wing outer space, providing 85% opinion and 15% reportage. Fox is certainly right-leaning for the most part, but tends more to covers its bases on the reporting scene: it scored 55% opinion to 45% reporting.

Not all opinion on Fox News is right-wing, either. Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, and Shepherd Smith (at times) can be described as left-leaning. Meanwhile, MSNBC has… Joe Scarborough. He has his audience, but he is not exactly a right-winger.

Mary Katherine Ham comments at Hot Air:

But my takeaway? Sure, Fox News and MSNBC would be perfectly appropriate foils for each other on the news scene…if Fox only dropped two thirds of its news coverage. As it is, Fox is slimed while MSNBC is praised. Instead of talking about Fox as if it’s a “conservative” version of MSNBC, we should be talking about how it’s a successful version of CNN, marrying commentary and reporting in almost equal measure and making it work.

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CNN is a lot more sophisticated about getting the left-leaning opinion of the producers through in news stories; namely, through what it doesn’t report or what it under-reports. But CNN is not even in the same category as MSNBC, which basically airs hit-job after hit-job on Republicans. In this way, CNN is a much more comparable antithesis to Fox News’ brand of news/infotainment than the full-tilt MSNBC.

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