All 45 Republican Senators Vote to Defund Obamacare

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All Republican members of the Senate voted to defund Obamacare as an amendment to the Continuing Budget Resolution. The vote definitely puts a little heat on certain Dem. Senators up for re-election in 2014.

House Republican leadership recently pushed through a Continuing Resolution that included funding for Obamacare, despite the protests of many members of the GOP. Speaker Boehner and House Majority Whip Eric Cantor received flak in conservative circles for rushing through a hasty vote.

The House of Representatives possesses the “power of the purse” under Constitutional law, so it is not required to fund the executive branch’s activities. It would be extremely rare to withhold funding for government programs, but if there ever was a program as unethical and fiscally ruinous ever devised, it would be Obamacare. The regulations alone will easily run into the tens of thousands of pages.

The Government Accounting Office estimates that Obamacare will add $6.2 trillion to the long-term debt and the program is already three times the price tag of $900 billion over ten years originally sold to the American people.

The new entitlement program and the massive bureaucracy accompanying it are also slated by a Medicare actuary to explode healthcare costs across the board:


If the U.S. already had one of the most expensive per capita healthcare systems in the world before the full implementation of Obamacare, and the program was pitched as an (ethical) way to lower costs but is instead making them skyrocket, then why keep the program? That’s the question that Democratic Senators, who are married to the increasingly unpopular and economically destructive Obamacare program, will have to answer during their 2014 election campaigns.

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