CBS Asks: Where are the Benghazi survivors?

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Sharyl Attkisson of CBS noted the six month passing of the September 11th, 2012 terrorist attack on a Benghazi mission that left four dead, including American Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

While so many in the mainstream media seem all-too-eager to brush past this unsightly entry in the president’s legacy, Attkisson has been persistent directing the right questions at the administration. Recently, the CBS reporter asked, “where are the Benghazi survivors?”

According to the administration, the Benghazi survivors were not free to granted interviews during an FBI investigation into what happened. Initially, the FBI submitted reports to Congress of survivor accounts that were so heavily redacted that an unnamed source called the unreleased documents “useless.”

Less redacted reports show that the Obama administration circulated talking points to mitigate the fallout from the terrorist attack, such as by calling “attacks” the less provocative “demonstrations.” Of course, the administration later had to concede that there weren’t even any demonstrations in Benghazi the night of 9/11/12.

Although GOP politicians like senators McCain and Graham demanded more answers on what happened at Benghazi prior to approving all of the president’s Cabinet nominees, it appears that there are still many unknowns. Such as: how it was that four Americans at a diplomatic installation in the middle of a recent warzone were left to die during a more-than-eight-hour siege?

As the Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey conceded, along with then-CIA Director Leon Panetta, no military aid was even sent to Benghazi during that time frame. This seems like an astonishing admission, but the mainstream media have mostly yawned.

Sharyl Attkisson should keep hot on the trail of the truth about what happened. As she tweeted recently, there is still a lingering push to get justice for these four brave servicemen abandoned by the U.S. government to die in a Libyan hell-hole:



As Sharyl Attkisson relates regarding the most transparent administration, ever:

CBS News has filed multiple Freedom of Information requests for Benghazi-related material, but none has been provided. Judicial Watch, a watchdog group, is suing the U.S. government in an attempt to receive some of the denied information.

Maybe if some of these survivors were brought to Capitol Hill to testify, there would be a little more pressure to be forthright with the American people. Until then, we need more reporters to emulate Attkisson’s relentless pursuit of the facts, regardless of where they lead.

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