No Kidding: Maryland School Offers Counseling to Sufferers of Pastry Traumatic Stress Disorder

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A few days back, we covered a story of a 7 year old boy who was suspended for nibbling his pop tart into the shape of a mountain gun. (Above is a frightening image of enough pop tarts to arm a small army of 7 y.o.s.)

There’s no word yet if the suspect wielded a “military-style” pop tart. But below is a copy of a letter the school sent to parents:

Dear Parents and Guardians:

I am writing to let you know about an incident that occurred this morning in one of our classrooms and encourage you to discuss this matter with your child in a manner you deem most appropriate.

During breakfast this morning, one of our students used food to make inappropriate gestures that disrupted the class. While no physical threats were made and no one [was] harmed, the student had to be removed from the classroom.

* * *

As you are aware, the … Code of Student Conduct and appropriate consequences related to violations of the code are clearly spelled out in the Student Handbook, which was sent home during the first week of school and can be found on our website,….

If your children express that they are troubled by today’s incident, please talk with them and help them share their feelings. Our school counselor is available to meet with any students who have the need to do so next week. In general, please remind them of the importance of making good choices.

What is ‘troubling’ is the stupidity of those who work at Park Elementary School in Baltimore and not the behavior of the kid who was being a kid. There is violence all over television and on the Internet and we are worrying about a child expressing himself with his pastry? Come on.

HT: Legal Insurrection; Weasel Zippers.

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