Business ‘Forward’? Crony Corporatist Lobbyists Set Up Camp in Washington

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‘Business Forward’ is a trade association comprising some of the biggest corporate giants in America, and it is extremely cozy with the Obama administration. Let’s just say that it isn’t for standing up for the little guy.

Many Americans know about the converted Obama campaign arm Organizing for America, which the Associated Press described as selling access to ‘deep pocketed groups’ that are somehow ‘independent of government.’ Lobbyists can plunk down between $50,000 and $500,000 to meet with the most radical, crony corporatist administration in American history.

Business Forward‘ also needs to be on everyone’s radar. As Breitbart reported:

The Associated Press reported this morning that “more than 50 corporate members pay $25,000 or $50,000 a year to be involved in briefings between Obama administration officials and business leaders, small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

Its founding members include America’s bluest chip companies, including AT&T and Microsoft, McDonalds, Google, Citi, Comcast and Facebook.

In 2012, Business Forward boasts that it brought more than 2,000 business leaders to the White House for meetings with Obama officials. The group organizes more than 20 events a month around the country.


On its official website, ‘Business Forward‘ describes itself as such:

With the help of more than 40 of the world’s largest and most respected companies, Business Forward is making it easier for entrepreneurs, investors, small business owners and senior executives from across America to get involved in the policy-making process. Together, we’ve organized hundreds of business leader briefings in nearly 50 cities across 40 states. In 2012, we helped organize more than 50 White House business leader fly-ins. To date, more than 250 Obama Administration officials, Members of Congress, governors and mayors have participated.

Our work focuses primarily on helping business leaders advise policymakers on ways to create jobs and accelerate our economic recovery, but we also organize briefings on specific topics, like clean energy, cyber security, immigration reform, and IP protection.

One of the most interesting affiliations is that of NBC, which is now fully controlled by Comcast. Following in the path of crony corporatist master General Electric, whose 49% stake in NBC was bought out this year, Comcast is partaking in the ‘Business Forward’ trade association that has been touted as a counter-weight to the free enterprise Chamber of Commerce.

The ‘Business Forward’ lobbying group has already brought 2,000 business leaders to the White House to meet with administration officials. Is it any wonder that NBC supports the looting of the private sector and the dispensation of favors by the Obama administration? That the network stands opposed to a level playing field, whose news media competitors have been wiping them out?

Many people still seem unaware the Barack Obama was bankrolled by big corporations and investment firms during his first campaign run, and then filled his administration with powerful Wall Street allies. Top contributors included Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Google, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Time Warner, and General Electric.


Since coming to office, the president pledged to cut the deficit in half, but instead had racked up deficits averaging $1.3 trillion per year on the backs of future generations. Nearly 46 cents of every dollar in government spending is borrowed. The $85 billion in ‘sequestration’ represents 21 days of government borrowing. And the government is wasting money on a level unprecedented in human history. Yes, that’s radical “change,” but not the kind the true believers think it is.

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