What Fiscal Crisis? Feds Hiring Thousands As Sequestration Looms

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If politicians are gonna scream about how everyone’s gonna lose jobs if the budget is cut, they might want to quit hiring. Instead, thousands more employees are being added to government payrolls around the country.

The sequester is apparently no problem for a federal government being run by people who seem to think solving unemployment means hiring everyone to do jobs. The Examiner pointed out the contradiction:

Administration officials warn sequestration would mean furloughing border patrol agents, air traffic controllers, food inspectors and other critical employees to deal with what they bill as drastic spending cuts.

But a quick search on usajobs.gov turns up a raft of open government positions ranging from cooks to mechanics to statisticians.

According to a Politico/GWU/Battleground poll taken in December, 76% of Americans surveyed favored across-the-board spending cuts. Meanwhile, the government was responsible for 73% of new jobs created between June and December.

The automatic budget cuts March 1st known as “sequestration” were President Obama’s idea. They would cut $44 billion from the $3.6 trillion federal budget, or roughly $1.25 out of every $100 spent.

The United States borrows roughly 40% of the money it spends. The Congress has not passed a budget in four years; and during that time, the GOP has submitted 40 job-creation bills to the Senate, which blocked them.

In order for the federal government to increase tax receipts to close the nearly $1 trillion projected budget deficit, the government should concentrate on encouraging private sector job creation by lowering taxes and deregulation.

Outrageous? It should be pointed out that the historical average in the U.S. for unemployment is about 5%. America needs to be more competitive in the world market, not less productive and government-dependent.

It would be nice to finally return to an economy where the government isn’t doomsaying about the latest economic disaster that would result from the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling, the sequester or whatever.  Americans could get back to work and finally get some peace and quiet.

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