14 Best Films for Conservatives 2012

  • "Zero Dark Thirty" focuses on the determination of military and intelligence personnel to find Osama bin Laden. The inconvenient fact that waterboarding helped find bin Laden comes out in the film, which complicates hasty judgments on the "war on terror."
  • "Skyfall" is one of the grittiest James Bond films yet. A super-agent fighting an international cyber-terrorist for Queen and country? That's pretty hardcore.
  • "Atlas Shrugged II" is not appealing to those unfamiliar with Ayn Rand or who disagree with her ideology. But folks who are not highly partisan can appreciate the better adaptation of the lengthy novel, compared to the first film installment.
  • "The Avengers" may be directed by lefty Joss Whedon, but the story arc in the film is decidedly conservative. Mutant superheroes rise up against an alien invasion led by powerful demigod Loki.
  • "Lincoln" is a film that brought a prominent Republican president to the box office forefront. Fighting a war that led to the removal of slavery is a compelling story in which all audiences can find something to believe in.
  • "Les Miserables" is based on the famous novel by Victor Hugo and became a long-running Broadway play. The film shows the temptations of revolutionary fervor and the redemptive quality of God in a way that appeals to conservatives.
  • "The Hunger Games" pits a rugged female heroine against an oligarchic ruling class in an Orwellian nature setting. Jennifer Lawrence is up for best actress for her work in another film, Silver Linings Playbook.
  • "The Hobbit" may be a bit overcooked when it comes to three films depicting a short novel, but its Tolkien story is very conservative. It shows how the courage and faith of the supposed least of us can be enough to oppose great evil.
  • "End of Watch" sets young LA police officers up against a dangerous drug cartel. Given the recent drama about murderer Chris Dorner, it has particular relevance to conservatives' respect for law enforcement.
  • "The Dark Knight Rises" elevated the comic book epic to visceral heights. The movie is not so much about a crime fighter who dresses up like a bat as much as it is about how an individual can overcome daunting odds. It was undoubtedly snubbed by the Oscars due to some uncomfortable allusions about those who blindly follow leaders.
  • "Argo" is not a purely conservative film, due mainly to Ben Affleck's premises and conclusion about the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. But the narrative is a tribute to the CIA's resourcefulness.
  • "Anna Karenina" gets inclusion on the list for an attempt at portraying one of the great novels of all-time, written by the conservative Leo Tolstoy. If the film provokes people to pick up the much-better book, it could be considered a success.
  • "Act of Valor" is a patriotic film that isn't a running cliche. It follows actual Navy SEALs as they recreate missions around the globe. It is also a humane look at men in uniform.
  • "2016" was never going to get Dinesh D'Souza an Oscar consideration, because he ran too far afoul of liberal conventions about who is and isn't off-limits for questioning (Barack Obama). The documentary turned out to be highly successful at the box office by genre standards.

Check out these films if you haven’t — because these 14 movies are some of the best of 2012!

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