Polling Memo: Remember the Stimulus?

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On Monday, November 24, 2008, in a press conference held in Chicago, President-elect Barack Obama unmasked his plan for economic recovery, including the first draft of his economic stimulus package.  Here’s what he said:

“Not only do I want the stimulus package to deal with the immediate crisis, I want it also to lay the groundwork for long-term sustained economic growth….With our economy in distress, we cannot hesitate and we cannot delay.”

Fast-forward to today:

Last week, FoxNews asked voters to reminisce on Obama’s $800 billion dollar stimulus plan passed in 2009, asking them if it “worked and was a good use of taxpayer money, or not.” Sixty percent said it was not. In addition, 52% said the worst is yet to come when thinking about the economy.


POLLSTER: Anderson Robbins Research (D) & Shaw & Company Research (R) for Fox News
DATE: Conducted 2/4-6/2013; Released 2/7/2013
SAMPLE: Sampled 1,010 Registered Voter; MoE ±3.0%

To add to this, nearly three-fourths of voters believe the key ingredient in “[strengthening] the nation’s economy” is cutting government spending, NOT increasing it.

obama 02

Spending our way out of a spending problem? Hmm…

Also, according to a Quinnipiac  poll, voters trust GOP with cutting government spending. Heading into tonight’s State of the Union address, with eighty-three percent of voters insisting government has a spending problem, President Obama clearly has some ground to make up when it comes to cutting government spending.

And, not only do voters see it as a matter of priority, but it’s a matter of trust as new data from Quinnipiac shows, by a 9 pt margin,  voters trust Republicans in Congress over Obama to do a better job “cutting federal spending.”


POLLSTER: Quinnipiac University Poll, directed by Douglas Schwartz, Ph.D.
DATE: Conducted 1/30-2/4/2013; Released 2/11/2013
SAMPLE: Sampled 1,772 Registered Voter; MoE ±2.3%

h/t NRCC

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