State of Confusion: Obama to Ask for More Spending, Taxes, Control at SOTU; Tout Non-Existent Jobs Record

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funny-Obama-pointing-finger-speechThe State of the Union is tonight, haven’t you heard? Everyone will be Tivoing that bad boy and hanging on every teleprompter-read word of the president, who has done nothing but make false promises and spout empty platitudes since the day he appeared on the national scene. Either that or giving their felines a bath.

This is going to be easy, and we’ll save people the time and patience of listening to the charlatan. Obama is going to ask for more spending (or at the very least, no cuts to spending), more taxes, and more gubmint control. He will also do a pre-Valentine’s Day move and sweet talk the endless ranks of the unemployed and jobless that all is well in Obamaland. And if you remove term limits for the president, he’ll even throw in a box of chocolates!

Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya. The president will promise a course correction to his progressive playbook; but that ‘change’ will never include rolling back the government that has grown almost non-stop for the last century. Even complete fools should be able to figure that out by now.

Expect the president to proclaim his laser-like focus on lesbian affairs, killing energy, drone bombings, unconstitutional wars, major scandals, giving overpaid federal workers raises, unaffordable welfare schemes, growing bureaucracy, oh yeah, job-creation.

Yes, folks. We’re back to the first day of the first term, as if the clusterschtupp of the last four years didn’t happen. But don’t worry about the diminishing freedom and opportunities of your children, it’s all about Obama’s opportunity. He’s such a swell guy, at least the media keep telling us so.

And if he doesn’t get his way, expect the chief foot-stomper to issue a set of executive orders that gives him his second-term wish list by dictatorial fiat. Because it’s all about Obama — not the will of more than 300 million Americans, not our rules and system of laws, and not accountability to the electorate. That’s right, we’ve elected an autocrat, haven’t ya heard?

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