Obama Using Your Higher Taxes To Give Pay Raises to Federal Bureaucrats

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This is not real, by the way. It’s for fun.

After spending four years begging for tax hikes, President Obama has revealed what he’s going to do with the extra money: pay raises for federal bureaucrats. That’s right — your tax dollars are going to raises for all federal civilian workers — including Members of Congress and Cabinet Secretaries:

Via the Washington Post:

President Obama will propose a pay raise for federal civilian employees that is less than private-sector wage growth yet more than that favored by many House Republicans, who want to extend an employee pay freeze.

Obama will propose a 1 percent pay increase in the administration’s fiscal 2014 budget plan, which is expected in mid-March.

At the same time, the House plans to vote soon on legislation that would extend the current freeze on basic pay rates through the end of the 2013 calendar year. The freeze was originally set for two years and had been scheduled to end in December but was extended until a temporary budget measure expires next month.

In April, federal employees will receive a 0.5 percent raise for the remainder of 2013, unless blocked by congressional action.

This comes during the same week that on Fox News Sunday, Nancy Pelosi claimed “it is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem.”

h/t NRCC

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