Media Montage: Rush Shows Media Acting Like Groupies Over Obama Inauguration

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Rush put together a media montage showing “journalists” describing in their own words (presumably) how “exciting” it was to be at the second Obama inauguration.  The audio quality in the original was a bit scratchy, so the transcript is below:

ROKER:  Mr. President!  Mr. President!  Mr. President!  This is so exciting.

HALL:  Just exciting, an inspiration to be here.

Acosta: I feel like I should pinch myself right now.

Mitchell: Pretty exciting for all of us out here.

CURLEY: I tell you what George, this is pretty exciting.

GUNN:  A thrilling, thrilling morning. (laughter) Very exciting.

BOLDUAN: See if the President can see us.

BLITZER: Mr. President. Mr. President. (Bolduan tries to interrupt) I saw the First Lady, there’s the First Lady over there. Well, you know, we’re spectators. We’re tourists here in Washington.

WILLIAMS: America threw itself a party today.

SAWYER: This great pageant of a day in American democracy.

ROBERTS: It’s a day to say congratulations, United States of America. It is a wonderful moment.

SCHIEFFER: It was a perfect day.  The crowds were large, they were joyous.

PELLEY: An amazing day in Washington.

MEACHAM: A magical moment in a second term that begins today.

BRINKLEY:  It’s amazing how beloved Barack Obama is by the African American community.

MORGAN: It’s an amazing moment to have a black president being re-elected, and re-inaugurated on Martin Luther king day.

If this were a Republican president, would “journalists” in the mainstream media be acting like they were teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert? Comment below.

H/T Rush

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