What Day of National Unity? Paul Ryan Booed at Inauguration

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paul-ryan-republican-convention-2012jpg-48e1b024179c123cThe Huffington Post reported that former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was booed at President Obama’s second inauguration (the article received over 12,000 likes). It is good to see that people can put aside their partisan differences in honor of the day of national significance, not to mention Martin Luther King day.

Paul Ryan sent his thoughts on the inauguration to The Weekly Standard:

“I congratulate President Obama on his inauguration, and I join the country in celebrating this American tradition.

“The president and I were political opponents. We had strong disagreements over the direction of the country—as we still do now. But today, we put those disagreements aside. Today, we remember what we share in common.

“We serve the same country, one that is still in need of repair—and is still the freest on earth. We serve alongside men and women from both parties, who govern in good faith and good will. Finally, we serve the same people, who have honored us with their charge.

“We may disagree on matters of policy. But today we remember why we take those matters so seriously—because we seek the public good. It’s our highest duty—one that we share—and one for which we’re grateful.

“I’m happy to mark this historic occasion—for the president and for the country. And I look forward to tackling the big challenges ahead.”

What a terrible guy this Paul Ryan is for wanting to impose fiscal restraint on a big spending government. Budgets and math? That’s all just a smokescreen for the Republicans’ real plan: to be mean to poor people, kids and the elderly!

Seriously though, there is no need for anyone to get booed at national ceremonies like this. It is disrespectful and reflects very poorly on the people who would do such a thing. But people have to be raised revering the country before they will pay respect to its ceremonies. And when the inauguration features scurrilous performers like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, that’s difficult to do.

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