IJReview’s Funniest #TweetsoftheWeek

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tweetsIt’s Saturday at IJReview, and that means it’s time for Funniest #TweetsoftheWeek.

This week, we take a tour with #LiberalBandNames, jokes about Obama making taxes “fairer,” and the Twitter’s response to the White House’s hilarious comments on the death star petition.

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#LiberalBandNames had the perfect recipe for a great hashtag game: ridiculously easy to play and endless puns.

First, we have Nick Gillespie of Reason magazine:

Satirist Iowahawk:

Of course, had to get in on the action:

Hey man, nice shot:

Wade in America crammed four Tweets into one (I think there’s a law against that):

Twitchy captured the reaction to President Obama declaring that he had made the tax system more “fair”:

A choice selection from the January 7th post “Hilarious: Obama Voters Furious About Tax Hikes” that was cited by Breitbart:

Then there was the White House’s epic response to the death star petition:

Joe Schoffstall of the Media Research Center weighed in:

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