Obamacare Preview: Nurse Bloomberg Ratchets Up Painkiller Ban in NY Hospitals

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ratchedMayor Michael Bloomberg has a bitter pill to swallow for those who think giving arbitrary power to the government will always mean that wet nurses will be there to cater to your every whim and caprice. Sometimes they say no.

The autocratic mayor who is known for such pleasantries as the ban on smoking and transfats in New York restaurants, and more recently, the limiting of big bad sugary drinks to 16 oz. or less, now presumes that he is a medical doctor and should use the force of law to prevent certain patients admitted to emergency rooms from getting access to prescription painkillers.

And Obamacare isn’t going to lead to rationing?

The rationale is that poor or uninsured patients use emergency rooms as a form of primary care (since the law forces doctors to provide such care), and some may be addicted to painkillers and therefore should be denied prescription narcotics or other addictive analgesics. This makes sense — if you’re a doctor.

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But all these hyper-regulations create a disincentive for any sane person to spend ten years of her life studying medicine in order to be pushed around by mini-tyrants like Michael Bloomberg. The endless paperwork and arbitrary sanctions on medical authority take their toll on the healthcare system.

A quick-and-dirty scenario. Doctors and nurses get burnt out faster, as they find their hands tied by bureaucrats from tailoring to patients on an individual basis. Bureaucratic overhead makes healthcare provision more costly; and in a perverse positive feedback loop, demoralizes doctors. This in turn leads to decreased productivity, which creates the need for more medical providers and bureaucrats. The quality of care declines, even as demand is ratcheted up due to lowered cost barriers. Scarce resources become scarcer, and rationing on some level becomes inevitable… an inescapable aspect of physical reality and human motivation.

Lofty academics and bureaucrats who stare down their snoots at the commoners have no idea what it is like to work day-in-and-day-out in an ICU or emergency room. They have no idea the kind of drive and determination it takes for doctors and nurses to do their jobs — the training, the emotional resolve, the satisfaction that they have sacrificed time and effort to provide for their families and helped others along the way. It is a difficult enough occupation as it is.

The state wants people to do all that… for a pat on the back from Dear Leader and statist pals like Michael Bloomberg? Because that’s what happens when the paycuts eventually come under a state-run healthcare system. And have no doubt that Obamacare will do enough damage to the current system that single-payer will be the end result.

Consider this unfolding story in New York a realistic preview of state-run healthcare systems around the world, including in now-unfree England. One might be forgiven to cite Paul Revere: “The British are coming! The British are coming!”

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