GOP Says Government Shutdown Odds More Than 50-50

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_end-of-the-world_2433119bIt’s amazing how many times the United States has narrowly dodged the apocalypse in the last few years. Between manmade global warming, the end of the Mayan calendar, and plummeting off the fiscal cliff, America was supposed to be superheated lump of rock careening off a cosmic ledge into nature’s great recycling bin.

Prep yourself for the next manufactured crisis, designed to condition us plebes to accept more unsustainable spending: the government shutdown.

Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner now warns us that the odds of such an unimaginable disaster are now better than 50-50:

President Obama’s refusal to consider spending cuts during the upcoming debt ceiling debate and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s call for more taxes has top Republicans predicting stalemate and a chance of 50-50 or better of a government shutdown next month.

So, what would this proverbial state of anarchy look like — without government spending money we don’t have and indispensable bureaucracies like the Department of Commerce shutting down? Well, pretty much like it does anytime there is a federal holiday; and that is to say, a holiday for citizens from the government’s incessant nonsense.

The Examiner article then mentions some GOP levels of denial that would make Dr. Freud shake his head in disbelief.

Top House leadership aides said that the GOP is mapping a plan to reject new taxes and demand a dollar-for-dollar spending cut for every added dollar of debt. “We will have all GOP members united with Speaker Boehner and the leadership,” said a House leadership advisor. “The president has gotten the last nickel of new tax for the remainder of his presidency.”

Sure thing, fellas. But the real question on everyone’s minds: has the president gotten the last trillion dollar Obama coin? Because the guys across the aisle in the Democrat Party are seeking another trillion dollar shakedown in tax hikes by the end of the year. I’m sure the principled opposition in the Republican Party will step up to the plate, just like it has over the last two years.

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