Left-Wing Seizes on Gun Control Issue, While Democrats Rush to Buy Guns

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A disappointing, but entirely predictable aspect of the Sandy Hook aftermath is that Democrats literally seized on the gun control issue “within minutes” of the horrible news, as freshman Senator Ted Cruz points out in the video above. Like with other prominent gun-related atrocities, the Democrat Party has not let any violent crisis ‘go to waste’ when pushing restrictive gun laws.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is the poster-child in this regard, and may propose draconian gun control laws as early as January 22nd. This would be a defiance of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the issue, and an assault on the Constitution of the United States she swore to uphold. Even Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp called such gun control measures “way in extreme,” and said Feinstein’s bill is not going to pass. One cannot be too sure, given the way the U.S. government has brazenly flaunted laws in recent years.

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Gun sales are surging across the country, as citizens have been scrambling to arm themselves before a government bent on controlling all aspects of their lives can deprive them of legal gun purchases. Meanwhile, violent crime rates have been plummeting across-the-board.

Americans are thus defying the government with their behavior. They are essentially voting with their wallets, right after voting in national elections. Banking establishments and big retailers like Wal-mart are getting in on the act to cool the marketplace for guns, which was most chillingly displayed by Bank of America’ recent freeze of a gun seller’s accounts. This is an aspect of rampant crony corporatism.

This may come as a shock to some readers, but some activist news outlets are probably not being entirely forthright to their readers about gun statistics and ownership. One hates to quibble with statistical wunderkind Nate Silver, but the New York Times is using conspicuously old data when it suggests in December 2012 that there is a huge gap in gun ownership by party affiliation. While the Times relied on 2008 exit poll data, and General Social Survey (GSS) data up to 2010, the reliable polling firm Gallup asked respondents in late 2011 about gun ownership by Party ID.


The results show that Democrats have been the fastest growing purchasers of firearms, closing the gap to 40%-55% by household ownership compared to Republicans. The New York Times article cited above implies that Democrat ownership by household is no more than 31% and falling; meaning that there is a widening gap with Republicans. Nate Silver writes, “The 2008 poll makes clear that gun ownership is deeply embedded in political identity, and vice versa.” This appears to be the opposite of the case.

More than statistical nitpicking, these gun control issues are high stakes politics. They ultimately determine the relationship of the citizenry and its government. If people are meant to be passive subjects, accepting whatever politicians and bureaucrats dictate to them, then severely restricting and even confiscating their weapons makes perfect sense. On the other hand, if people intend to retain any sense of autonomy or even a shred of representative government, they must insist that their right to self-defense is inviolable.

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