The Return of Hillary Clinton: Benghazi Testimony Looms

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FE_DA_1210_Hillary_Clinton_2016425x283Hillary Clinton returned to business-as-usual at the State Department after missing nearly a month due to a serious fall and concussion. The injury led to a dangerous blood clot, and everyone is grateful for her recovery.

The outgoing Secretary of State is set to testify on the Benghazi scandal before there is any swearing in of future Secretary of State (and U.S. troop-slanderer) John Kerry, like Senator Lindsey Graham avowed. Previous testimony at a supposedly independent inquiry involving Senator Kerry suggests that “the fix is in” and there won’t be anything but a Washington show trial followed by a meaningless hand slap.

But why is Hillary’s testimony necessary? Because there must be real accountability for the four dead Americans that resulted from the 9/11 anniversary terrorist attack at the Benghazi, Libya diplomatic compound. A neat little report and pretend firings at the State Department are not going to cut it.

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It may be doubtful that the GOP has the spine to hold the administration to account in order to get to the bottom of this national humiliation. Not only was Benghazi the result of months of State Department security negligence, as the Congressional report pointed out, but it was also the result of two CIA security members being repeatedly denied military back-up during a nine-hour terrorist raid resulting in the deaths of the two men, as well an ambassador and diplomat.

These brave men — Christopher Stephens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods  — are not “bumps in the road” in an otherwise stellar Obama administration performance in its Middle Eastern relations. The disastrous Arab Spring, the re-emergence of Al Qaeda in the Muslim Crescent, these are not trifling matters for foreign policy buffs, but existential threats to international security that should concern all Americans.

Bottom line: the president and his administration lied to the American people. There was no spontaneous protest at the Benghazi diplomatic compound on the 9/11 anniversary, and Muslim protests at embassies around the world were not due just to some shady anti-Islamic video, as the chants of “we are all Osama” demonstrate. Alinsky disciples like Obama and Clinton may think that the ends justify the means, but Americans’ lives are not trivial matters to be ignored, just so Democrat politicians can have a scandal-free administration.

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