Al Gore’s Current TV Bought by Petro-terrorist Outlet Al Jazeera

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Envirotycoon Al Gore’s Current TV has struck black gold. Petrodollar-financed Al Jazeera agreed to purchase the left-wing outlet for $500 million.

Late night talk show host Jay Leno took a hilarious swipe at the deal by asking guest Joy Behar, “Osama bin Laden is your new boss?” The video is posted above.

Al Jazeera is a terrorist-friendly Middle Eastern outlet financed by the tiny oil-rich state of Qatar, which has the largest carbon footprint in the world.  Current TV is the home for has-been journalists like Keith Olbermann, Elliot Spitzer, and Joy Behar, and the brainchild of leading environmental activist Al Gore.

The green movement and Islamist green brought together by capitalist green. Isn’t globalism grand? Turns out that terrorists and radical environmentalists have a lot in common when it comes to public relations: terrorizing and intimidating people into getting their way.

No truth to the rumor that the channel will promote a twisted fusion of anti-American propaganda: Environmental-Islam.

The two parties brokered the deal just after the deadline for tax hikes implied in the fiscal cliff deal. The former “future president of the United States” reportedly pushed to get the deal done before the January 1st tax hike, but then backed off. The day’s difference cost Gore around a $100 million.

Of course, the deal’s not about the money, because assisting foreign petroleum producers in their public relations definitely helps avert the global climate catastrophe caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

Just a humble suggestion: Maybe Al Gore doesn’t drink his own Lime-flavored Kool-aid? Given that he jet-sets around the world and even bought a mansion on a beach, right after proselytizing about rising ocean tides?

And maybe Matt Damon, who just made an anti-fracking film partially financed by Abu Dhabi oil money, doesn’t really believe the hype? Or multi-millionaire Michael Moore, who is also a hefty hypocrite? Dare one suggest even President Obama himself, who is a millionaire one-percenter who lives like a billionaire on taxpayer’s dime, while railing against the rich paying their “fair share”?

Yes, hypocrisy is strong with the left. But this was obvious before Al Gore sold his ridiculous little channel to a bunch of oil sheiks. What should be abundantly clear at this point is that leftists are liars, and they cannot be trusted with taxpayer money or government power. As President Obama ramps up his crony corporatist “green energy” crusade, people should bear this in mind.

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