Unbalanced Approach: Just 4% of Americans Wanted Only Tax Hikes in Fiscal Cliff Deal

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As President Obama brags about a fiscal deal that entails $600 billion in tax increases over ten years, meanwhile running over $1 trillion deficits a year, most Americans before the deal believed that any agreement without spending cuts wasn’t balanced. In fact, one might say Americans would have thought it to be wildly unbalanced.

But the mainstream media wagged their fingers at the Republican Party throughout the torturous fiscal cliff negotiations, and with lots of success: more Americans blamed the GOP than the Democrats for the stall in coming to an agreement.

Yet it appears the Republicans were merely fighting for something nearly a super-majority of Americans wanted — significant spending cuts as a part of any fiscal cliff compromise. What they got was a $15 billion cut, offset by $30 billion in new spending.

Rasmussen had the story from late November:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 68% of voters nationwide favor a mix of tax hikes and spending cuts to help reduce the federal budget deficit.  Twenty-four percent (24%) want spending cuts only and 4% would prefer only tax hikes.

Unfortunately, there are a host of Americans who would agree with President Obama if he said the moon was made out of green cheese, and therefore we need to redirect NASA from its current mission of Muslim outreach in order to mine the moon, and thereafter redistribute the green cheese to the endangered South Chicago titmouse in the name of ecological justice. In other words, statistics are only useful up to the point that the mainstream media show President Obama holding a puppy while singing a comedic tribute to Beyonce’s “Gotta Put a Ring on It” for the late night show circuit.

In more recent news, Katie Pavlich at Townhall points out that 62% of Americans are currently in favor of across-the-board spending cuts, even though 57% think this is unlikely. One can smell the frustration in the air, as newly re-elected Speaker Boehner has to mount a fight against the profligate spending ways of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama ahead of the looming debt ceiling, which will likely result in a girly slap-fest leading to complete GOP capitulation.

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While only 5% of Americans think Congress is doing a good or excellent job, and most expect economic recession in 2013 regardless of any fiscal cliff deal, President Obama’s approval rating is still unscathed at 52%. Despite the public consistently disagreeing with the president’s policies, this rhetorical escape artist still somehow gets a pass for any and all consequences for his actions.

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