The Forgotten EPA Email Scandal: Lisa Jackson aka “Richard Windsor” Steps Down

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11182012It’s easy to find news articles about how the EPA chief Lisa Jackson is stepping down from her position. The mainstream media gives no shortage of objective information concerning her four-year career with the EPA.  Just a quick Google News search, and you’ll see several articles about how she fought those dirty Republicans, turned the muck of industry into shimmering clean air, and gave life to many a forest critter… but the reason she’s actually stepping down seems to be shrouded in mystery – at least until you find yourself in the last two paragraphs of the story (the paragraphs nobody actually gets to reading).

Turns out, her resignation comes not long after there was a full-blown Congressional investigation into her secret email correspondence practices.  She seemed to have a nasty habit of using the alias, “Richard Windsor” to communicate under the radar. This didn’t make lawmakers too happy, obviously.

This is a serious offense and a broken promise on the part of the White House’s pledge to be transparent.  However, we find that the mainstream media is doing their part to insulate the regime from public backlash.  USA Today includes a tiny snippet of the email alias scandal right at the end of the report, and somehow finds a way to fault Republicans for being too curious:

This month, at the prodding of congressional Republicans, the EPA’s inspector general said he was opening an inquiry into Jackson’s use of a secondary e-mail account for official business.She said she had the account — named “Richard Windsor” after the name of her dog and her former home in Windsor Township, N.J. — because her public e-mail address was well known.

The Washington Post doesn’t even mention the email alias scandal, after two pages of citing her wondrous accomplishments and protecting the EPA chief from the stigma that she instigated a ‘war on coal’.

It’s not until we arrive at the Washington Examiner do we find the crux of the matter:

The conflict is far from over, and the odds favor some ugly revelations before any cease-fire is declared. Jackson’s defenders will claim her departure has nothing to do with these matters. But Horner well makes the obvious point to the contrary: “It is not only implausible that Lisa Jackson’s resignation was unrelated to her false identity, which we revealed, given how the obvious outcome and apparent objective of such subversion of transparency laws was intolerable. But it became an inevitability when, last week, the Department of Justice agreed (as a result of our lawsuit) to begin producing 12,000 of her ‘Richard Windsor’ alias accounts related to the war on coal Jackson was orchestrating on behalf of President Obama outside of the appropriate democratic process.”

The mainstream media’s ability to turn a blind eye to White House scandals is astounding.  Had the EPA chief been a Tea Partier or Republican, you can bet they’d make headlines.  As for Jackson, she’s a little lower than Barack Obama …who’s slightly lower than the God.

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