Mob Chants: Hail Obama! Hail Obama!

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The emperor may have no clothes, but at a campaign stop at a nude beach in Daytona, nobody noticed. Oh, these supporters were decked out in the latest Obama “Forward” gear, but they were chanting a paean that harkens back to the first century: Hail Obama! Hail Obama!

A Fox News affiliate reported the ancient homage to the progressive president, and although several other news crews were in attendance to report on the first empress Michelle Obama’s visit, reporter Mike Synan has been the only journalist forthcoming to verify the surreal ‘hail to the chief.’

Unfortunately, there is no known video footage of the event or any confirmation that there were Greek columns in the backdrop. The praetorian guard in the news media can be counted on to shield the president from the awkward accolades.

Nonetheless, it can safely be assumed that the mobile vulgus clamored for their benevolent ruler, who has bestowed his subjects with the panem of record food stamps and entertained them with the circenses of a campaign season that has ridiculed Mitt Romney for his magic underwear, hatred of cookies, binders full of women, and supposed belief that soldiers still use horses and bayonets.

The president has also wooed the adoring masses with his endless appearances on late night comedy shows, hobnobbing with dramatists like George Clooney and Sarah Jessica-Parker, and jet-setting to a campaign stop in Las Vegas shortly after our troops and diplomats were murdered in Libya. Hail Obama?

In all seriousness, the president’s cult of personality, from children singing his praises to supporters chanting “Hail Obama,” is foreign to our politics and traditions. Our “imperial presidency” should be deeply rethought by voters who believe the purpose of our nation’s highest officer is to rule the electorate, deploy our troops on foreign adventures to Africa, and dispense gold from the public treasury.

Video via The Blaze

FOX 35 News Orlando

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