Scott Brown For MA Senate: Vote For Person Over Party

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[youtube id=otMMS-lrg2A width="600" height="350"]

Here you can see moderate Republican Scott Brown’s latest ad for his U.S. Senate bid against Cherokee/non-Cherokee/Cherokee/non-Cherokee/Cherokee/non-Cherokee Democrat Elizabeth Brown. This comes from a previous article I wrote:

Elizabeth Warren claims to be 1/32 Indian, thus six generations back she had a single ancestor that was full blooded Cherokee.

  1. Warren = 1/32
  2. Parent =1/16
  3. Grand Parent = 1/8
  4. Great Grand Parent =1/4
  5. Great Great Grand Parent =1/2
  6. Great Great Great Grand Parent = 1

Given that (1) Warren was born in 1949 and (2) the life span of people (particularly Native Americans) was shorter than it is today, we can work our way back and determine that this single ancestor was more than likely born around 1830 probably died in the 1860s (certainly no later than 1880).

So, because Warren had a single Cherokee ancestor–who died about the time of the Civil War– she should be entitled to special privileges and advantages in our society?

Do you really want someone that takes advantage of the system for her own personal advancement to be in any office at the federal level? Go Scott Brown!

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