Romney: “We don’t need a secretary of business…we need a president who understands business”

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President Obama recently showed his cards that he doesn’t have any interest in helping businesses, only taking money from them and redistributing it. The president has touted the idea of a Secretary of Business, which might as well be known as a “crony capitalist czar.”

The president has shown throughout his four years that not only does he not understand business, he doesn’t really care to. His cabinet is comprised of pointy-headed academics with less combined business experience than any administration in modern American history.  Perhaps one of these days, he might learn that he already has a Secretary of Commerce.

The results coming out of Obama’s coterie of clusterschtupps have been disastrous: celebration over pathetic 2.0% GDP growth, over 23 million jobless, 53% of new college grads unable to find real jobs, and 47 million on food stamps. This isn’t all a coincidence, and the housing market bust is not solely to blame.

The Democrats’ economic policies never lead to success, because in their eyes, the private sector exists to loot and give away to unions and other special interest groups. General Motors, for example, was a company whose bondholders could be stiffed and their assets given away to union members. The president’s corrupt attitude towards business is also demonstrated by the dozens of green energy enterprises like Solyndra and Abound Solar that our own “capitalism czar” Barack Obama bet on — and lost. No matter, it wasn’t his money to invest in the first place.

The Democratic Party’s hubris is also displayed by the federal money sent by the president to explicitly aid Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s 2010 election campaign. Then again, no one blinks when Harry Reid and his son are caught up in a clear financial conflict of interest over how to spend taxpayer money, because it is a foregone conclusion that Washington politicians have the power and authority to “run the economy.”

This is not to let Republicans off the hook. The GOP has its own particular brand of corruption, mainly through splurging on defense contracts that are not thoroughly purged of waste and graft. Many of the horrible Obama economic policies of the last four years were really bad Bush economic policies of the preceding eight years (bailouts, stimulus, expensive government-run healthcare programs, etc.).

But Romney’s business practices show that he is an advocate of the market system; and even if one disagrees with the sometimes painful process of making businesses lean and profitable, there is nothing to suggest that Romney is an outright crony corporatist — or else we would all know about it (and not be hearing incessantly about his tax returns and about the “binders full of women” gaffe). And too many people either dismiss or are not aware of Romney’s criticism of The Fed.

A Secretary of Business would be just one more perfidious pointman in a federal government that is the corruption superhighway for the nation.  If we can’t get a president who will change all the traffic lights to red, we can at least get one who will change them to yellow.

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