Romney Vs Obama: Immigration (Plus A Ridiculous Border Jumping Attempt)

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Good try? Maybe?

Tunnels under the U.S.-Mexico border are nothing new, but authorities spotted two smugglers taking a different approach this week: driving a Jeep over the 14-foot fence dividing the two countries.

But the makeshift ramp the suspects propped up at the border near Yuma, Arizona, didn’t work, officials said.

U.S. Border Patrol agents patrolling the area saw the Jeep get stuck. It was left wedged atop the fence, and its drivers fled into Mexico, the patrol said in a statement. It was not immediately clear what the vehicle may have been carrying.

Immigration debate:

Obama, through an executive order this past summer, allowed children and other young immigrants to legally stay in the United States without fear of becoming deported. While a part of this move may be good, what he did not do was allow for proper legislation and debate. He basically picked one piece of the DREAM Act, passed that with his executive order capability, and bypassed necessary and constitutional legislative debate concerning the regulation or limiting of immigration …all at a very key point in a campaign [to sway Latino voters]. How can a law concerning illegal immigrant deportation be decided by one man and his administration without considering any other factors that would be discussed by representatives of each and every state?

As I wrote in June concerning the administration’s handling of the Supreme Court ruling over the Arizona Immigration laws:

Basically, under the current laws reflected through the Supreme Court’s decision this morning, Arizona cannot enforce immigration laws, but they can check the immigration status of anyone they suspect is in the state illegally while they have stopped them for another reason like a traffic violation or any other crime. At that time, they would have to simply call federal authorities to take the matter over because local and state police would in no way be able to arrest or detain the illegal immigrants.

But the administration said they would not actively enforce the laws, which gives illegal immigrants, otherwise known as criminals, a free pass.

Does this sound like a strong immigration stance on a country suffering from 14.7% U-6 unemployment rate?

Mitt Romney on the other hand would be tougher on illegal immigration, specifically by developing an “effective, mandatory employment verification system,” opposing tuition benefits and driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, but allow young illegal immigrants to become permanent residents, and even citizens by serving in the U.S. military. Romney isn’t some illegal immigrant-hating monster as Obama makes him out to be, but he also isn’t about to implement a short sighted system of amnesty that gives illegal immigrants a chance to “cut in line” to becoming legal before others who have been following laws and waiting their turn.

You decide which stance you prefer, and just to remind you, legal citizens are having trouble finding employment.

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