All Hell Would Break Loose if Republicans Released This Ad…

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The Obama campaign has been certainly… flexible in its choices of issues in this election. There was the war on dogs, the war on women, condomgate, Mitt hates cookies, the tax return saga, Julia, vote your lady parts, Big Bird, binders full of women, bayonets and horses, and now — college-aged androgynous girls confessing about their “first time” voting for Obama.

Oh, yes, this is an official Obama campaign ad. If you have any teenage daughters in the room, you might want to tell them that Justin Bieber just drove by.

[youtube id="o6G3nwhPuR4" width="600" height="350"]

One wonders if Mitt Romney should buy a block of these ads and run them in independent and moderate districts around the country. Surely, there would be a lot of fathers and mothers who would be none-too-amused at the thought of the next president making sexually suggestive ads targeting their college-aged daughters. There is enough similarity between the Obama and Putin videos to be weirded out, no matter if some leering staffer had seen the infamous videos or not. Being fluent in Russian, I can verify that the “first time” meme in the Putin ads and the creepy Obama ad is virtually identical.

[youtube id="MbIzj21X0tU" width="600" height="350"]

The title of this video is “Opening women up for their first time.” The video translation of “elect” should be “candidate.” The closing of the ad says: “Putin: First Time — Only for Love.”

And just in case you thought that was a “fluke”:

[youtube id="Noo0lzJILaM" width="600" height="350"]

This one is called “Russian Beauty Describes Her First Time.” The weird phrases “Safe as houses” translates to “solid as a rock.” But wait, Pimp Vladdy Putin gets even more suggestive:

[youtube id="kfqGSN-le0g" width="600" height="350"]

The phrase in the middle is “Let’s Do It Together.” At the end: “Elections December 4th.”

Returning to the Obama campaign’s “first time” version, one can see the president cynically targeting young women’s interests, as if big issues like the economy and national security are secondary.  The president who said there wasn’t red states or blue states, only the United States, has reverted to the juvenile state.

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