Joe Biden Offends Father of Slain Seal: ‘Did Your Son Always Have Balls the Size of Cue Balls?’

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Good ol’ Joe. The affable, lovable goofball just served up a zinger to the father of slain SEAL Tyrone Woods: “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?”

Vice President Biden reportedly said the brusque phrase in a loud and boisterous voice to the entire bereaving family.

An appropriate return question: “Did you always have brains the size of a pea?”

Assuredly, there are those who want to let Biden off the hook every time for his interminable gaffes, like an enabling family excuses the drunken ramblings of an uncle at the family barbecue. But there’s a small problem in this case: the context. Charles Woods wants answers about what happened to his son, including why military support estimated to be one hour away was not dispatched to Benghazi to try saving the diplomats.

The father was clearly not amused by Biden’s antics. “Are these the words of someone who is sorry?” asked Woods on Glenn Beck’s radio show.

No one can read Joe Biden’s mind like an open book (the dime-store novel that it is), but the lack of decorum displayed by Biden at the vice presidential debate was appalling; and following up on that disgraceful performance to jest with a grieving father — it’s not nearly as amusing as his most ardent supporters might think.

Vice President Biden needs to apologize to Charles Woods; and furthermore, work to get the real answers about what happened in Libya out into the public. Charles Woods was told directly by Hillary Clinton that, “we’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video.” This is a shameless line of malarkey to trot out to the father of a son killed in the line of duty.

The unpresidential behavior coming out of the Obama campaign is striking to anyone who remembers what it was like to have a president and vice president who had some sense of perspective and propriety. Instead, we have two Democratic presidential candidates who are irrefutably dragging down the dignity of their offices.

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