Wow: MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Disgustingly Offers To Fight Tagg Romney

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Tagg Romney’s comments about ‘taking a swing’ at the president for his suggestion that his father was a liar do not represent a very dignified move by a presidential candidate’s son, but the actions and words of your ‘pundit’ are downright childish, immature, rude, and – most importantly – unprofessional.

I want to break this down for you: The host of one of your shows literally offered to fight the son of a presidential candidate. Is this the kind of behavior you want to promote? Is violence an ideal your network stands behind?

Lawrence O’Donnell’s ignorant comments concerning Tagg Romney’s name were some of the most idiotic comments I have ever heard in my entire life. A name is a collection of letters by which someone is referred; if this is the argument your network supports, your network will soon be out of business. That is an extremely lame argument. Both presidents’ names are unconventional, so does that discount them in any fashion? No.

Furthermore, wannabe UFC fighter Lawrence O’Donnell’s bragging that he has thrown punches and fought during his Boston upbringing is downright embarrassing. Violence and fighting are not to be condoned in any circumstances, especially during this time in which you are promoting political divisiveness. Who wins a fight? No one, because everyone involved ends up looking like a fool for falling victim to anger.

Lawrence O’Donnell has every right to disagree with Mitt Romney, Tagg Romney, and any of their statements, but to suggest that he wants to fight someone is disgusting. I hope your network finds Mr. O’Donnell’s ignorance as offensive as we do, and you should take action to fine, suspend, or fire this host that has clearly promoted violence.


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