Joe Biden 1984: Freeze Social Security

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In an unorthodox move, especially for ABC’s ‘The Note’, the network decided to enlighten us to the fact that Joe Biden actually wanted to freeze Social Security in 1984, due to Ronald Reagan’s budget deficits.  This information breaks mere hours before the VP debate.  ABC reports:

“While this program is severe, it is the only proposal that will halt the upward spiral of deficits.”

And this:  ”Within the next 12 to 18 months this country will face an economic and political crisis of extraordinary proportions if Congress refuses to take decisive action on the deficits that we face.”

Here’s a hint: This candidate proposed cutting spending across-the-board, including reduced spending on Social Security and he even said the debt ceiling should not be increased without spending cuts.

Who is this vice presidential candidate?

Vice President Joe Biden.

However, on September 28th 2012, ABC’s ‘The Note’ reported how VP Biden was attacking the Romney/Ryan ticket on the assumption that they would raise taxes on seniors and the middle class and affect the status quo on Social Security:

Vice President Joe Biden tried to court the senior vote Friday afternoon and draw a contrast between how President Obama and GOP presidential  nominee Mitt Romney approach two issues of great concern to senior citizens – Social Security and Medicare.

The vice president, speaking at the Century Village retirement community, alleged that Romney’s plan would raise taxes on Social Security and the Republican presidential ticket would turn Medicare into “vouchercare.”

It seems, Joe Biden’s record on Social Security has less to do with how much he believes in the program …and more to do with how much he changes his stance when the political winds shift.  Career politicians can be crafty opportunists.

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