Obama Attended Wedding of VP Debate Moderator

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The incestuous relationship between mainstream media figures and politicians doesn’t get more visible than this. Barack Obama attended the wedding of Vice Presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz, who married the president’s rogue FCC chair Julius Genachowski.

Both Barack Obama and Martha Raddatz attended Harvard and were members of the Harvard Law Review. She would go on to marry “Jay” Genachowski and have a child together before their divorce.

ABC spokesman David Ford attempted to squash the Daily Caller story before it gained wider circulation by launching a pre-emptive statement that called any insinuation of impropriety “absurd.”

What is “absurd” is when mainstream media journalists who think of themselves as part of the ‘fourth branch of government’ can be so intertwined with one party that a vice presidential debate moderator can actually have hosted a wedding attended by the sitting president. Lest this appear like a fluke, let’s not forget the infamous “Journ-o-list,” a 2008 pro-Obama media alliance founded by current Washington Post pundit Ezra Klein.

Reporters and journalists have political opinions and should be free to express them. But when a political event of national significance is the story, transparency demands that the American people know just who is reporting the event and shaping the narratives about it.

A debate moderator is in a particularly sensitive position to shape political opinion. Witness the way PBS moderator Jim Lehrer was scolded by the left for allowing the president and the challenger to go at it in the first debate without outside help from the moderators. The president actually ran up three minutes more time than Mitt Romney (granted, much of that was saying “uhh” and looking at the floor), so there should be nothing to complain about.

[Click Here to Watch Obama's Hilarious 51-Second 'Uhh' Video]

But the political left is simply unused to meeting opposition on neutral terrain. That is why Mitt Romney destroyed Barack Obama in the first debate: when the ‘referees’ aren’t actually playing for the Democrat’s team, it’s amazing what a difference it makes.

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