Dumbest Thing You’ll Read Today: Liberals Claiming Romney Cheated At Debate With His Handkerchief

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This is the dumbest thing you may read today.

The left is now claiming Romney cheated at the debate by bringing in a cheat sheet, which would be against the rules of the debate. Unfortunately for the lefty conspiracy theorists, it was a handkerchief that Romney blatantly used during the debate.

Look at the conspiracy theorists at work at the DailyKos:

I believe the candidates are only supposed to have a blank piece of paper (pad) and a pen at the podium, provided by the CPD.  No notes, this isn’t “open book.”

In a move that might remind many of Joe Niekro ‘s flying emery board Romney seems to have gotten caught taking notes from his pocket and later unfolding it on the podium.

Watch Romney’s right hand, very early in the video starting at 0:00:09

Mitt takes something out of his pocket and tosses it on the podium.  It seems as if he maybe using his body to try and screen the movement.  It’s very fast, the whole thing is over by 0:00:12

And of course there is a video in epic slow motion:

[youtube id=hTE1Y3bvqwM width="600" height="350"]

More brilliance:

Yes it could be a hanky.  But it falls kind of heavy, and stays uniform in it’s fold.  Plus it is flat.  I have never seen a man’s hanky be so uniform and flat coming from a front pant’s pocket.  Back pocket, yes, breast pocket in a jacket, yes.. but not the front pant pocket.

He was also wearing make up and to wipe any sweat from his face with a hanky would have taken off his make up.  Plus remember that old saying “Never let them see you sweat?”  If he was seen to wipe sweat from his brow, the optics would have been very bad (“Obama makes him nervous, he can’t stand up to him.”)

BuzzFeed carried a photo of Romney wiping his nose with his ‘cheat sheet.’

Liberals: Obama lost. Period. Now stop making up excuses as to why he lost and move to the next one. It’s the best chance you have. Focusing on a handkerchief and trying to contrive a conspiracy theory of how Romney cheated only makes you all look stupid and ignorant.

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