AG Eric Holder Involved in Armed Takeover at Columbia University as Student

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The Daily Caller has unearthed a story from Eric Holder’s college days (as well as a snazzy photo):

As a freshman at Columbia University in 1970, future Attorney General Eric Holder participated in a five-day occupation of an abandoned Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) headquarters with a group of black students later described by the university’s Black Students’ Organization as “armed.”

As the story relates, Holder bragged about his involvement in the “rise of black consciousness” protests at Columbia. He also lied about the timing of protests, since he was a Freshman and not a Senior when they occurred. Ahh, the 70s, it was all such a haze of choom and misguided radicalism.

But despite the belief of millions that whenever any Democrat holds radical beliefs in college that he automatically grows up and moves on once he enters the workforce and dons a suit and tie, there simply are no compelling conversion stories or disavowals of radicalism in the Obama administration. Thus, it is legitimate to draw a direct line between current policies and the past radical beliefs and actions of members of this administration.

Attorney General Eric Holder is suspected to be implicated in the biggest political scandal in American history “Fast and Furious,” one that has led to hundreds of Mexican civilian deaths and that of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Earlier in his career, he once stated bluntly that Americans needed to be “brainwashed” into giving up their guns.

The administration refused to turn over all relevant documents related to the deadly operation, leading Republicans to place Holder in contempt. Several officials implicated in the scandal were recently “thrown under the bus” in an apparent attempt to make the story go away.

Mexican television station Univision, which recently gave President Obama a blistering interview, has produced and aired an eye-opening documentary on the scandal “Fast and Furious.” Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and now his vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan have called for Holder to resign.

Not only did Attorney General Eric Holder dismiss a slam dunk case against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation, but Eric Holder’s law firm represented suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay and pushed for clemency for Puerto Rican FALN terrorists in the Clinton Justice Department.

Incidentally, the administration recently released to Canada the dangerous Gitmo detainee Omar Khadr,who was the killer of decorated army medic Specialist First Class Christopher Speer. As CBS reported, nearly one out of five “Gitmo” detainees released turn back to terrorist activities.

Eric Holder’s participation in an armed raid at Columbia shows that the current Attorney General has more in common with the terrorists he represented than was previously known. Maybe the scandal at Columbia is not just Obama’s sketchy associations and lack of campus presence, but the friends that he “chose carefully.”

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