If Obama Wins: Democrats Reveal Plans to Fundamentally Transform America

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“Hope and change” sounded so uplifting to so many Americans after years of the mainstream media railing against “Bush” war policies that Obama continued almost to the letter W. When President Obama was elected to office, and enjoyed support even among presumably racist Republicans, the sky was the limit. Yet as one might infer from a Saul Alinsky handbook for radicals, the devil is in the details.

Overconfident Congressional Democrats are now providing those details for a second Obama term, and all voting Americans should be afraid. Be very afraid.

(Translation from Democrat into plain English is my own.)

1. Open Borders Policy — So millions more people from all around the world can come to America illegally and loot the burgeoning welfare state. Oh, and vote Democrat.

2. Higher Taxes — In addition to the 21 new taxes set to hit under Taxmageddon in 2013, there is more talk of what Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona euphemistically referred to as “revenue generation.”

3. Climate Change — Whenever one sees the redundant term “climate change” in a policy discussion, be prepared to get our your wallet and shell out some more “green.” The UN wants to squeeze American taxpayers for tens of trillions of dollars to redistribute around the world (minus the middleman’s fee) to aright for “climate crimes.” Whether or not one has believed the climatapocalypse was going to happen the very next minute for the last 25 years, the days of thrifty suburban altruism that has been the hallmark card of the green movement are actually coming to an end.

4. Free Housing — Housing is a universal human right, so it only follows that the remaining suckers should work and pay over half their incomes to provide for people’s homes around the planet (in addition to other cool things like free cellphones). Don’t worry if you are broke and can’t find a job, I am sure there are plenty of shovels laying around.

5. Miserable Job Growth — Obama’s laserlike focus on jobs has produced such dazzling results already, we can only hope that he focuses a little less so that the economy doesn’t overheat. Expect the Democrats’ stellar record to continue towards Greek or Spanish levels of 25%, Portuguese or Irish levels of 20% if we’re lucky.

6. Shrinking GDP — Productivity will continue to decline as people opt to go into government or onto the government dole. Service sector jobs will still dominate, given the daunting environmental and financial regulatory hurdles imposed by the state.

7. Trillion Dollar Deficits — Due to such increasingly expensive programs as Obamacare, and government spending without end, the more than trillion dollar deficits we saw each year under President Obama will become permanent and worse. Due to interest paid on our bonds and monetization of the debt, the financial situation will continue to deteriorate.

8. Dollar Deterioration — And accompanying inflation, in conjunction with slowing productivity, will mean that Americans will see their savings and their net worths decay. On the positive side, those insurmountable debts many Americans have accrued would be easier to pay off. If one can find a decent-paying job, that is.

9. More Credit Downgrades — Given that the Federal Reserve Bank is purchasing almost our entire deficit, guaranteeing that there won’t be any effective structural economic reform, there will be decreasing confidence in an economic model slated by the CBO to implode in 2027. Make sure you circle your calendars and have some vaykay time scheduled.

10. Tax Policy Unchanged –  The Democrats had plenty of opportunity to close loopholes for corporations in Obama’s first two years and instead gave tax breaks to huge corporations like GE and GM. Expect such follow-through on their promises to continue in regards to their party pals.

11. Education Centralization — The Democrat Party will show increasing hostility to school choice, whether the option be home-schooling or private schooling. One even finds it hard to imagine that the self-education people are getting online will be allowed to continue unfettered.

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