In the Tank: American People’s Trust in Pro-bama Media Crumbling

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The American people’s trust in the Obama lapdog media is crumbling, which shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who reads news from both the right and the left side of the aisle. The new low of 40% “fair amount/great deal” of confidence in the media reported by Gallup signals the jig is up for the pretend non-partisan media.

The decline in ratings comes mostly from Republicans and Independents, as Hot Air reports. Mainstream media trust from Independents has dropped from 50% to 31% since 2004.

The leftwing media have been blowing their social capital the last few elections by propping up the obviously radical Barack Obama as a “moderate“; vilifying and attacking the “tea party” with any and all known epithets; and rigging the polls for the president’s re-election.

The left is running a very old playbook when it comes to “fundamentally transforming” the country and one that seems ill-suited to an age of New Media. The cultural “hegemony” of the Old Media — the news, music, and movies industries — is evaporating and alternative news outlets and social media are starting to make their presence felt.

Conservative talk radio is a large reason for the increasing skepticism of mainstream media. Powerful voices like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin are often interrupted by news reports that they just got through debunking. It doesn’t sound good to listeners interested in knowing both sides of the story.

Such lapses in journalistic responsibility as the mainstream media’s glossing over the explosive Fast & Furious scandal, race-baiting during the Trayvon Martin shooting, selective editing of footage that might make Romney or Ryan appeal to the broader population, intentionally limiting their airing of diverse speakers at the Republican convention, and their dishonest polling are making it hard for even casual consumers of news to dismiss the media’s Democratic bias.

Polling from earlier this year shows that 51% of the public expected the media to help Obama, while only 9% thought the media would help Romney. In a nation that is very divided between Republicans and Democrats (and Independents), it would behoove the media to either pretend better that they are objective or give all sides an open forum to debate their views.

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