Steelworker Featured at DNC Didn’t Work for Bain Capital

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ABC News breaks a story that one of the three featured speakers supposedly deprived of a job by Bain Capital is just a union negotiator who never worked for a Bain-financed company. The Democrat Party deliberately misrepresented steel union negotiator David Foster as someone who worked under the Romney-controlled Bain Capital.

ABC News reports:

The Democratic National Convention on Wednesday featured three speakers billed as “former employees of companies controlled by Bain Capital.” [...]

David Foster was supposedly one of those former employees on the convention schedule. He told the story about 750 steelworkers who lost their jobs when the Bain-controlled company GST steel filed for bankruptcy in the early 1990s.

But Foster, according to a former spokesman for GST Steel, never actually worked for the company.”

Here is the video from the Democratic convention featuring the three speakers who supposedly worked for companies “controlled by Bain Capital,” with the dishonest introduction:

[youtube id=rNEKOdEYtnw width="600" height="350"]

Leave it to the Democrat Party to get a union negotiator to give a prime-time speech to the American people, who then misrepresents his position with a company for political purposes, and acts as if people are entitled to a job and a certain salary at a private company.

The Democrats have been lying to the American people for years and have gotten away with it, mostly because of complicit news media. ABC News deserves some credit for being forthright with the American people. Let’s hope this is part of a trend of more than only conservative websites being critical of the Democratic Party.

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