President Obama’s Top 9 Biggest Lies

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President Obama brazenly accused the Republicans of being liars, so it’s only fair game to look at the president’s own monumental record of “fibs.” This list of Obama’s top ten biggest lies is by no means exhaustive.

An explanatory note is in order. A lie is something said to deliberately mislead people or is otherwise a broken promise that one could honor. One of the reasons it has been deemed politically incorrect to call someone a “liar” is because the government and the mainstream media want to do it constantly without being called on it.

If Barack Obama said he would do something and he has the power to do it, but he isn’t doing it, then it’s a “lie” by any normal understanding of the word. If he promised that something will occur if one supports a program, but then it doesn’t happen, it’s a lie. Scapegoating Republicans or the economy or anything else for not doing more, in addition to what the president already did with a Democrat-controlled legislature, doesn’t pass muster.

Enjoy this list and challenge your liberal friends to explain how these aren’t actually lies.

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