Millions of Obama’s Twitter Followers are Fake

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A little bird told me that millions of Obama’s Twitter followers are fake. As a USA Today article finds, around 70% of the president’s 18.8 million followers are drone accounts (if one excludes his real life Twitter followers).

According to a report by the NY Times,  a mediocre celebrity, unfunny comic, or failing president can purchase blocks of phony Twitter IDs. President Obama’s 70% fake rating is just under Lady Gaga’s, whose 29 million followers chart around 71% of dubious identity.

Twitter is a popular social networking tool revolving around real-time conversation and news. As far as IJ Review staff knows, all of the 53,357 Twitter followers for its shiny new account @iijrevew are real.

No one thus far has demanded that Obama’s fake Twitter followers present their birth certificates.

As for the president’s public image, it is taking a beating prior to the Democrat National Convention, which will be half-full according to the number of self-interested Democrat politicians bowing out.

The president recently attended a fundraiser in Chicago that did not sell out, and as the Obama campaign would have us believe, that was on purpose. Obama has hovered from 43% to 45% support for months, regardless of what Mitt Romney or his own campaign has done.

The Twitter story is just one more crack in the well-crafted facade of Barack Obama, which is being daily chiseled away by a new media bent on vetting the president.

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