Electoral College prediction: Obama to lose in a landslide …surprised?

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While this little computer program may seem like just a trinket at face value, University of Colorado Professors Ken Bickers and Michael Berry have created quite an interesting mathematical election predictor.  What sets this thing apart from the rest is that it hasn’t missed a beat since Ronald Reagan.  So, the nagging question is, what does this Electoral College predictor say will happen for this election?

The Blaze reports about what this program foretells of future events:

And despite recent polls showing the presidential race deadlocked both nationally and in key swing states, Bickers and Berry‘s model shows a race that isn’t even close. According to them, not only will Mitt Romney win, but he will win big, taking 320 Electoral Votes to President Obama’s 218 – a result almost as decisive as President Obama’s win against Senator John McCain in 2008.”

Simply, this machine is predicting a massive Romney victory in November, which certainly rings true with how most Americans are feeling.  The media are more interested in checking out Prince Harry’s tan lines over his lost game of strip billiards, instead of the fact that Obama has slipped into the 40′s in Cook County, Illinois (the home of Chicago), and that Romney is mopping the floor with Obama’s dismal record and the assorted scandals that go with it.

The Blaze continues:

…this is encouraging news for supporters of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, given that it shows a race where the raw economic data appears to favor a Republican win. Granted, the election is still months away, and given that Berry and Bickers plan to update their model later, this forecast could change.

However, if things stay as they are economically, President Obama could be in for a rout come November.”

Ah, so this computer thing even has a cushioned margin for error.  Nice.

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