Obama Asks Customer to Turn Off Fox News

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We all know that Obama would never get along with Fox News in any way shape or form; that is not news to anyone with any miniscule amount of knowledge of politics. That is especially true after Fox and Friends released what is more or less a negative attack ad on the president (viewable below).

In fact, Obama so strongly dislikes Fox News that he suggested the channel be changed in an Ohio bar during an unscheduled campaign stop. According to a pool report (via Buzzfeed):

As he thanked the group for their support, one of them, Jeff Hawks, gestured to one of the TV’s and said, “You’re in a building that has Fox news on.”

Obama suggested that Hawks ask for it to be changed. “The customer is always right,” he said.

“I’ll arm-wrestle you for your vote,” Hawks said to Obama. “No, I’ll play basketball for your vote,” he replied.”

The pool reporter noted that Obama was joking, and there is no reason for arguing that he was being serious, but to me, that is not a very presidential thing to do. Joking or not, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA should not be suggesting or humorously implying that any news station should be turned off.

Can you imagine George Washington or Thomas Jefferson joking that people shouldn’t be reading certain newspapers?

It’s not a big deal, and I don’t want this made into a big deal, but while the citizens of this country can act however they want, I want to look at my President as someone who upholds the highest level of integrity.

I would say the exact same thing if a Republican president asked MSNBC to be turned off

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