Dark Knight for the Democrats: ‘Bane’ Capital Fiction Debunked by Character Creator

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The Democrats have drawn on popular culture for decades to make it appear cool to be a lefty radical and banal to be a flag-waving conservative. But the party has hit a new low for creativity and cogency by attempting to cast the Dark Knight villain “Bane” as a Romney corporate type intent on slashing-and-burning his way through a ramshackle economy.

The clumsy connection of Bane to Bain Capital of Mitt Romney’s business background is part of the Democrats’ distract-at-all-costs political campaign stratagem.

But the comical narrative has been refuted. The creator of the Bane character Chuck Dixon has come out of the closet to the broader public as a staunch conservative. A Gawker piece used the opportunity to denounce Limbaugh for being wrong about a left-wing plot to make Batman a vehicle for pro-left propaganda.

Oddly missing from the articles relating the left’s glee regarding Rush’s rare misprognostication is how stupid the Democrats look for trying to make an obviously conservative archetype of good versus evil into a vehicle for left-wing class warfare.

The Dark Knight has long been suspected on the left of feeding into conservative “cliches” of law & order vigilantes versus anarchists and social outcasts. Culture critic Andrew Klavan even once associated the Dark Knight with George Bush.

It appears some actors and directors in the comic film genre have prickled at the left’s insinuations that they are promoting base capitalism, heroism, and even authoritarianism (such as might be said of the character Iron Man in Avengers). That seems to be the case with Avengers director Joss Whedon, who unleashed a partially sane, anti-capitalist diatribe that included assertions that “we are watching capitalism [sic] destroy itself” and that he was raised with intellectuals who thought socialism was a “beautiful concept.”

The astounding success of mega-hit films based on comic book and graphic novel series, such as Spiderman, The Dark Knight, and The Avengers have propelled popular heroic tropes in the culture that run directly contrary to the left’s moral relativism. Thus, it is no surprise that the cultural marxists would attempt to commandeer the narratives and put them into the service of their radical causes, including campaigning for President Obama.

The commander-in-chief himself has tried to tap into the Avengers phenomenon by showing on The View that he could name three characters from the film he “just saw”: Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man. I’m sure ABC’s Commissar for Entertainment had set up the question aforehand.

But despite  the left’s attempt to tap in on these megahits’ success and exploit it for political advantages, there have been a few publications that haven’t missed their broader cultural significance and have taken aim.  The NY Times has been especially aggressive attempting to make silly and even slander the comic-based films. The gray lady erroneously depicted the Avengers as ‘”a bunch of white dudes” who are saving the world for “the grateful multiracial, multicultural multitudes.” Pretty harsh words for a supposedly silly comic film, it seems.

In regards to the latest and last installment of The Dark Knight, the criticism of the film, both positive and negative, have evoked such fierce emotions that the popular film review service Rotten Tomatoes had to suspend comments for the first time in the website’s history. An earlier controversy about the film Captain America (or The First Avenger) also got extremely heated within conservative circles for an initial perception of the film’s lack of patriotism, which some critics later reversed.

It is apparent that people on both the right and left see themselves in an epic struggle for the future of the country. As culture is the soul of the nation, every major entertainment phenomena will be increasingly fought over and fought about. The innocence of the comic book genre is thus being endangered by heavy-handed politicization and it is important that all movie viewers are well aware and sensitive to it.

Image from PJ Media.

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