When Global Cooling Equals Global Warming

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The National Climactic Data Center’s “State of the Climate” report was released and environmentalism disciples have seized on the six-month, record-breaking hot spell to resurrect the manmade global warming meme, which is in the process of being read its last rites.

It’s hot out there, folks, so pay no attention to recently revealed evidence showing the earth was warmer in Roman imperial and Medieval times than today, indicating two millennia of temperature decline.

The leap in logic was most blatantly displayed by veteran environmental reporter Julia Whitty of Mother Jones. In an article originally titled “Crazy Climate Just Got More Extreme,” but was changed to incorporate the recent heatwave under “4 Summer Heat Charts That Will Blow Your Mind” (remember “weather doesn’t equal climate,” denialists?), the two thousand year chilling period was explained away by the earth’s increasing distance from the sun.

Whitty brings up tree ring data showing the two millennia cooling period and goes full tilt-a-whirl clinging to the mythos that man must be guilty of endangering the planet: why, the global cooling period just goes to show that manmade global warming is worse than we thought! As she wrote:

Researchers studying tree-ring data from living trees and dead trunks preserved in lakes in Finnish Lapland found a much longer-term cooling trend over the past 2,000 years than previously understood. This trend involves a cooling of -0.3°C per millennium due to a gradual increase in the distance between Earth and the sun.”

She then cites the study’s lead author:

This figure we calculated may not seem particularly significant,” says lead author Jan Esper, “however, it is also not negligible when compared to global warming, which up to now has been less than 1°C. Our results suggest that the large-scale climate reconstruction shown by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change likely underestimate this long-term cooling trend over the past few millennia.”

Whitty then concludes, “Which implies that human-induced global warming might actually be higher than we’ve been calculating.”

Excuse me? That implies that there are factors outside of man’s control not fully understood by mainstream climate researchers that drastically impact long-term climate on the planet. And no, that is not a license to flush billions more in taxpayer money trying to understand the “misunderstood” climate.

But completely in character for an envirocrusader, Whitty pulls out the “EXTREME” card. Why the concomitance of the earth’s global cooling and manmade global warming could be leading to more extreme weather! This is merely a psychopolitical stunt that preys on human beings’ tendency to exaggerate more recent weather events and play down older ones.

While not conflating the extremity of weather with our ability to tolerate it, the number of fatalities due to natural disasters as a whole is down 98% since the 1920s. That should be enough to take the pluck out of the Chicken Little mantra that “We’re all going to die!!” (Unless you give us unlimited resources, trillions of taxpayer dollars, and complete control over all energy and industry, say the central planners).

No, Julia, the longer-term trends in climate variation are more fully explained by Milankovitch rhythms, or oscillations in the earth’s tilt and orbit, simply put, among other solar orbital positioning factors. Sunspot cycles also appear to impact earthly climate by affecting cosmic ray penetration into the atmosphere, a factor in aerosol formation and resultant cloud cover.

There are more reasons to put the manmade global warming narrative on ice, such as the oh-so-shocking news that Antarctic ice is growing overall, and not melting. Either way, it would just be a fluctuation, and man has little control over it.

In fact, while most climate alarmists propagandize in the public sphere without quantification, I’ll put man’s effect on the climate in perspective: human activities have a 0.30% impact on the greenhouse effect. It’s really the left’s feelings of insignificance that drive the manmade global warming narrative, more so than any valid science.

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