Ann Romney’s MS Therapy Attacked By MSNBC

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In what could possibly be this campaign season’s most sickening example of a gross liberal media pundit exuding ignorant garbage, Lawrence O’Donnell, host of MSNBC’s (surprise, surprise) The Last Word, ridiculed Ann Romney’s method of using the equestrian sport of dressage as a type of therapy for her case of the degenerative disease, multiple sclerosis.

O’Donnell, certainly trying to cut down Republican efforts at a time when Democrats have nothing relevant to talk about since their record clearly won’t allow it, said the following, word for word:

Now, this is not in any way to make light of Ann Romney’s difficulty with MS, it’s obviously a very difficult thing to bear. And there are a lot of things you can do to try to deal with MS. But, come on, dressage does not appear in any of the more traditional courses of treatment.”

What an offensive statement from a clearly ignorant person. Ann Romney could not even stay on a horse for even a couple minutes after being diagnosed with MS, but she gained more strength back in part because riding horses made her “joyful and exhilarated.”

After posted an article and video on the issue, Jeffrey Peters, a volunteer to Maryland Special Olympics and 4H, responded that “Dressage is a very common technique to help many types of disabilities, and is one of the few that tends to work for many problems that lack effective treatment.” He added that Therapeutic Riding is a “major event and is a fundamental component of the Special Olympics,” during which many Special Olympians come from “lower income families,” not only families whose breadwinners have worked extremely hard to become successful businessmen and presidential candidates.

Just because a horse is expensive does not mean it is only a sport for the elite. In fact, an article published Saturday by Chicago’s Daily Herald, stated the following:

Documents from Ancient Greece show horse therapy dates to 600 B.C., with the practice growing in popularity in recent years around the suburbs and across the country.

Earlier this month on a three-day campaign stop in Florida, Ann Romney, wife of the former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential hopeful, visited a therapeutic horse-riding facility telling patients she was unable to walk at one point because her multiple sclerosis symptoms were so severe. But, Ann Romney said, the “excitement of getting on a horse” helped her build her strength and caused her symptoms to ease.”

You’ll have to watch the clip below to get the full effect, but O’Donnell was just out of line and trying to pick a silly fight. A clip of Mitt Romney shows the GOP candidate saying, “Yeah, it’s not me. It’s my wife, of course. She’s the athlete, but in this case, it’s not her personally, but she along with two other people purchased a horse and have trained it up.”

The belligerent O’Donnell then idiotically said sarcastically, “She’s the athlete. That’s what Mitt Romney just said. She’s the athlete.”

No, you fool. Romney, in reference to the statement from the video, “I hear you’ve got an Olympic athlete in the family,” responded by saying, “But in this case, it’s not her personally.”

Does a millionaire liberal trash-talking media face really not have the intelligence and/or staff to really think about these comments and how they could be accepted?

O’Donnell attempts justification of his argument by complaining that Romney deducted the horse as a business expense instead of a health care deduction before accusing the Romney’s of lying:

Mitt Romney was afraid to identify a single tax deduction that he would eliminate or reduce, but I think we can be sure that the Olympic athlete in the Romney family, the horse that masquerades as Ann’s horse, but that is never actually ridden by Ann, would continue to be a fake deductible business expense if Mitt and Ann ever get to watch their Olympic athlete on a TV in the White House.”

Hey Lawrence, most people deduct investment expenses. Horses are often bought as investments and can be bred and/or sold to create income, and expenses involved with the upkeep of investments are often deducted as well. So, according to U.S. tax codes, Romney has done absolutely nothing wrong. But you wouldn’t know that as you hide behind the veil of a liberal network powerhouse and million dollar contracts, now would you?

This personal attack on Mitt and Ann Romney is inexcusable, rude, and a slap in the face to countless people who have used a form of riding as therapy. Ann Romney has used something outside of some manufactured pill to help her deal with her disease (at a cost to no one but her self) and gets crucified by the liberal media and their idiotic attempts to stir up news; in what world is this okay?

There are many terms I could use to describe Lawrence O’Donnell, but none of them are appropriate.

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