Young Conservative Letter to Obama

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President Obama,

Your recent claim that the private sector of the economy is doing ‘fine’ was one of the least presidential things I have heard in my short adult life. While I may not have lived to witness many other administrations directly, the lack of leadership qualities you and your administration have shown is downright depressing.

When I think of great leaders, I think of selfless people that lay blame on themselves rather than casting it about upon others. When a football team loses, great coaches say something along the lines of, “We got outplayed. Sure, some specific players made mistakes, but at the end of the day I am responsible for the performance of the team I head.”

You in no way embody this image.

Your campaign website touts the 4.3 million jobs you have created, but why have none of my friends seen these jobs? We’re all college graduates from reputable schools, but we haven’t been able to find substantial work. And why don’t you ever mention how many jobs have been lost under your watch?  A great leader might say, “Hey guys, I haven’t been doing a great job, so maybe it is time to reassess.”

When you aren’t complaining about the state of the economy you inherited, it just seems as if you are too concerned with becoming re-elected to worry about leading.

While you and your cronies have played political games, refusing to pass budgets because you don’t want to have to tell Americans you voted for one thing or another, national debt has gone up like crazy, laying a big fat invoice on the laps of the young for generations to come. Your broken promises to cut the deficit in half sound childish at this point.

Go ahead, blame Congress and Republicans for this now, but you will be the one to take the blame in the history books. Few will know that Republicans dominated the House under your last two years, but everyone will know that you were the head of the Executive Branch.

And do I even need to mention that you were so obsessed with passing your soon-to-be unconstitutional health care reform under a Congressional Democratic monopoly that economic policies fell by the wayside? What a waste a time this will have been, ey?

Mr. President, your job seems like it is one of the absolute most difficult jobs in the world, but you don’t seem to be up to the task. You made promises four years ago, and you haven’t kept those promises. If you were the manager of a pharmacy, toy store, small business, or the coach of a team, your record would have gotten you fired. A coach or manager can only blame previous staffs for so long before he must accept responsibility for poor performance.

As a young conservative, I want my President to tell me to save money, to make good decisions, and to not plan on receiving Social Security or Medicare. If those things work out in the end by some miracle — awesome! But if they don’t, I want to be prepared.

Because I am conservative, I will take your presidency in stride. I will work to better myself, my career, and my future so that I may one day provide for my future family without having to wonder whether or not the government will be able to help me. And if I fail, I will have no one to blame but myself.


Young Conservative, Age 25

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