Liberal Media Declares Obama Winner Of Wisconsin Recall Elections

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Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell
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Need some media bias news for the day? MSNBC declared that the winner of the Wisconsin recall election was none other than President Obama.

“Tonight, the really big winner in the Wisconsin recall election is President Obama,” MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell said after Republican Scott Walker was announced the victor.

The Washington Post reports that the exit polls show Obama bested Romney by a 9-point margin, but that does not include absentee ballots and does not take into consideration that many will become more educated about their decision as the campaigns have only begun to heat up. Either way, it should be seen as a bad sign since Obama won the state by a 14-point margin in 2008.

But it doesn’t stop there.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow referred to Scott Walker as radical, saying, “The prospect of [Walker] having a prominent speaking role at the convention or something, that’s every incentive for him to continue to be as radical as he’s been and more.”

Radical? Asking government employees to contribute to their own pension to balance a budget is radical? This happens every single day in the private sector and no one calls that ‘radical.’

The real kicker was from MSNBC liberal Ed Schultz, who said, “This is not going to be an easy night for many broadcasters who are liberal. This is not going to be an easy night for this broadcaster. To say that I’m shocked and stunned is pretty much an understatement.” Really? I thought polls had been showing Walker leading, but I guess I just pay attention to the news.

The most ludicrous point Schultz tried to make is that the amount of money Walker spent on the campaign was “scary.” He said, “But I also think that it is a real warning to Americans that money is now infiltrated into our political system like we have never seen before, and the ruling by Citizens United is now a real message to every American.”

Does he not recall how much record-setting money was spent on Barack Obama in 2008, or the $1 billion fundraising goal the Democrats have this year? We don’t even need to begin discussing the money unions have spent in support of Democrats.

I must give him credit, though, as he did acknowledge that this will affect the rest of 2012, saying, “It is going to take an insurmountable amount of effort on the ground for the progressive movement and the Democrats to do what they need to do in 2012.”

MSNBC’s liberal agenda doesn’t even stop there.

This morning, MSNBC’s early morning show, Morning Joe, did not even include any Republican guests on their show for the first 69 minutes. After the historic victory, one would think Americans would want to hear from both sides about what the victory means, but MSNBC decided that wasn’t necessary. Only then would the network allow Virginia Republican Governor Bob McDonnell on the show to give some commentary.

This election showed just how passionate people have become about politics as Americans become more and more polarized under the Obama presidency. If the liberal media and Democrats keep blasting their negative messages, Americans will likely grow tired and be turned off by the side that cannot backup their claims with results. At least that is what one very prominent election showed us yesterday…

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Check it some of the clips in the video below:

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